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Anti-tear(Ripstop) Conveyor Belt

Anti-tear(Ripstop) Conveyor Belt

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Product Details
  • Characteristics:

  • The anti-tear(ripstop) conveyor belt has highly extensible transverse steel cords or polyester cords evenly arranged in the top(or both top and bottom) cover. The anti-tear layer is perpendicular to the running direction of the belt. Used mainly in belts for conveying hard and sharp materials, the anti-tear layer can stop the belt being split when pierced.

  • Usages: 

  • This kind of belt is suitable for transportation of hard and sharp material and when material is dropped from a certain height. Mainly used in lines in mines, ports, and electricity, metallurgical, chemical industries, etc.

Structure: Between the core rubber and the bottom cover of the steel cord conveyor belt, the shift phase sensor (or wire) is embedded at a fixed distance along the longitudinal direction of belt.

1.The sensor is connected to a computer. When belt is detected being tear, alarm will sound and the conveyor will stop running automatically.

2.When the running speed of conveyor belt is unusual or below the set stopping speed, the alarm will also sound and the conveyor will stop.

3.It has memory function and can show the data and conditions of the belt running.

Anti-tear Conveyor Belt

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