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Tube Conveyor Belt

Tube Conveyor Belt

Pipe conveyor belts are widely used as an efficient way of transporting bulk materials. It solves numerous problems associated with conventional conveyor system, such as a spillage of materials, steep incline and curve layout of the construction. Pipe conveyor belts also help to transport difficult materials like lump, powder.

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Tube conveyor belts take belt cores (polyester canvas, steel wire ropes etc.) as their frameworks. They are new transportation products whose operation surface is composed by high tensile, high wearing resistance and high strength rubber. They are mainly used to transport such environment-polluted materials as power-like and grain-like materials. During operation, the sizing belt is transformed to U-shape from a flat surface. Finally, it will become tube-shape. After packing the materials, it could realize the colsed transportation.

Main Characteristics of the Belt

1. Closed delivery could protect both materials and the environment

2. As for big dip angle, it usually achieves 30°

3. Delivery route could be arranged according to space curve.


(1) tube belt itself has appropriate transverse rigidness, which can ensure good retention and seal of tubular shape.
(2) The belt body has good elasticity and longitudinal flexibility, making the belt able to tolerate repeated and long-time violent bending and shrinkage;
(3) The belt has excellent physical and mechanical properties.It is required that the outer cover rubber has higher resistance to weather, ozone, ultraviolet rays, flexure, cracking etc., while inner cover rubber should have excellent abrasion resistance.
(4) Because of the special structure of tubular belt, it conveys powdery material in tubular closed condition during the conveying, thus it can effectively prevent dust fly and spill.
(5) By adopting tube conveyor belt for conveying, the material is wrapped in the rubber belt, this increases the area of contact between material and rubber belt and internal friction angle of material, thus can increase the inclination angle of material conveying of the conveyor.
(6) With Tube belt adopted for conveying, after the belt presents tubular shape, it can run horizontally, vertically or curvilinearly, the conveying line can be arranged according to space within a certain range without setting intermediate transfer station, therefore, construction investment can be saved.
(7) Tube belt conveying avoids bias with reliable running improved conveying efficiency and better economic benefit and lower running cost.
(8) With tube belt for conveying material, the return run after discharge can also convey material, i.E.Two-way conveying.This can not be achieved with the ordinary conveyor belt.


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