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Pipe Conveyor Belts For Transporting Bulk Materials

Pipe Conveyor Belts For Transporting Bulk Materials

Quality PVG conveyor belt is the protection for business survival, which is the cornerstone for us to live in the market.In order to be the winner in the future international market and get the full trust from customers, we are committing ourselves to certificate on the product quality.

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Product Details

Pipe Conveyor Belts

The core of belt is composed of high strength canvas or steel cord as carcass, with high strength and wearable rubber as the top and bottom cover. During operating, the rubber belt is gradual changing from the plane to U size, while the belt is rolled into tubular size for hermetic conveying.

The tubing flexibility is most important and can be achieved by a special layer design. We supply high-end pipe conveyor belt solutions and supports with dimensioning the right belt structure.
During hermetic conveying, the materials do not fly upwards and fall off, do not influence by environment, can be bend, big obliquity, out and home conveyed.

pipe dia.(mm)100150200250300350400500600700850
belt width(mm)40060078010001150130015301900225026503150
sectional area 100%(m2)0.00790.0180.0310.0530.0640.090.1470.210.2910.27890.5442
sectional area 75%(m2)0.00590.0130.0230.040.0480.0680.110.1570.2180.28420.4081
Max. Material size(mm)3030-5050-7070-9090-100100-120120-150150-200200-250250-300300-400
corresponding width of normal pipe conveyor belt



pipe dia.(mm)100150200250300350400500600700850
conveying belt (m3/h)
belt speed (m/s)








Application: the cement plants, the mining industry and many more.

pipe conveyor belting.png

pipe conveyor belts.png

What we offer:
  1. Conveyor Belts

  1)Textile Conveyor Belt12)Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
  2)Chevron Conveyor Belt13)FDA Grade White Conveyor Belt
  3)Rough Top Conveyor Belt14)Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
  4)Sidewall Conveyor Belt15)Filtration Belt
  5)Pipe Conveyor Belt16)Solid Woven Conveyor Belt(PVC/PVG)
  6)Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt17)Self-Cleaning Conveyor Belt
  7)Rip Stop Conveyor Belt18)Magnetic Separator Belt
  8)Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt19)Light Duty PVC/PE/PU Conveyor Belt
  9)Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt20)SW&CFW Conveyor Belt
10)Oil and Fat Resistant Conveyor Belt21)Aramid Conveyor Belt
11)Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

2. Conveyor Components 
(Screen Wire Mesh, Impact Bar, Conveyor Roll, Drum Pulley and so on)
3. Wear protection
(Rubber Sheet, Wear Rubber, Belt Scraper and so on)
4. Tools
(Belt Fastener, Splicer Machine, Sidewall& Cleats Welding Machine and so on)
5. Repair material
(Belt Hand Extruder Gun, glue and so on)
6. Permanent Magnet
(Suspended Magnetic Separator, Mobile Conveyor and so on) 
7. Machinery for Heavy Duty
(Crusher, Vibrating Feeder&Screen, Sand Unit and so on)

Why choose us?
Monster Beltis the first company in the bulk goods industry to offer a truly integrated one-stop shopping experience. We deliver the best state of the art Asian quality manufacturing as well as well-known global brands produced in Europe and North America. Customers can choose from a wide range of products, countries and brands- based on your needs and requests.
1. Convenience: one-stop shopping
Monster Beltis the first service partner in the bulk goods industry that offers best Asian quality as well as international well-known brand from all over the world. 

 2. Availability: delivery time is crucial
Even if products are not available on stock Monster Beltis determined to push the production to help its customers to realize the fasted delivery time possible - no matter if in Asia, Europe or North America.

 3. Reliability: trust is a two-way street
whenever customers are dissatisfied with the service; Monster Belttakes the common products back - even within 100 days after delivery.

 4. Promptness: time matters
Vasco's 24 hour policy guarantees customers to get the best quote on your inquiry within 24 hours - no matter what.

 5. Competitiveness: every dollar counts
Monster Beltoperates with flexible payment terms - usually payments after products have been received by the client. In addition, Monster Beltis the first service company offering international bank accounts on almost every continent. By doing so our clients save unnecessary bank charges and make business operations more convenient.
Customer service

Quality control
Quality is Vasco's highest priority. Therefore all factories need to follow Vasco's strict quality regulations. Besides the certification process, Vasco's two-step quality control system is applied for each and every order. Monster Beltsupplies a testing report/technical data sheet for all products.

Testing lab
Vasco's own laboratory is equipped with the latest technology: Tensile Strength Tester, Abrasion Testing Machine, Hardness tester (Shore A), Thickness Gauge, Ozone Aging Testing Machine. For all other testing methods Monster Belthas independent laboratories under contract.

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