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Why Should The Conveyor Belt In The Electronics Industry Prevent Static Electricity?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

1,Anti-static conveyor belt is one of the most important products of many kinds of conveyor belts. In a sense, anti-static conveyor belts can also belong to a sophisticated technology. Whether the conveyor belt has the characteristics of anti static can directly affect the adaptability of the conveyor belt to the environment, that is, the anti-static conveyor belt is completely different from the non electrostatic conveyor belt. Secondly, the anti-static conveyor belt can even affect the safety of the workplace. Generally, the use of anti-static conveyor belt, its safety performance is guaranteed, and it will not have any impact on the environment.

2, Our life is always with static, often encountered phenomenon, our hair and clothing in dry conditions are static. But at the same time, static electricity has the same danger as "fuse" in some occasions, such as higher temperature industrial environment, or not able to meet a little open fire material. So on these occasions, it also reflects the importance of anti-static conveyor belt.

3, conveyor belt production line is responsible for handling the work ability, guarantee the goods Everfount circulation, improve the efficiency for the production line, but if there is no use of anti-static conveyor belt, the conveyor belt in the process of rapid operation will be easy to produce static electricity, spark, immediately from the industrious into danger, especially when the conveyor belt transport requirements similar coal mine materials, transportation risk coefficient will take higher, so we recommend some occasions must use anti-static conveyor belt, and other common environment is to make full use of anti-static conveyor belt, is not only responsible for the goods, but also to the enterprise staff's responsible attitude.