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The Packing Process Of The Drum
- Mar 16, 2018 -

 The bonding operation method of Roller Bag glue: when choosing a suitable adhesive, the adhesive joint after appropriate preparation, have a reasonable bonding process, in order to obtain strong bonding, bonding process is reasonable or not is the key to the success or failure of bonding, the specific operation should be engaged in bonding process in strict accordance with the rules of right. The process of bonding is made up of surface treatment, mixing liquid, coating, drying, bonding and curing.

1, the surface treatment of conveyor belt manufacturers: because there are many dirt, dust, grease, water, rust and other organic or inorganic pollutants on the surface of metal, which will affect the wetting of adhesives. In order to improve bonding strength, mechanical, physical and chemical methods are used to clean, rough and activate the surface of sticky materials and change the surface properties, so as to facilitate the good infiltration and solid bonding of adhesives, and improve the durability and service life of joints. After surface treatment, the metal surface can be made into a kind of sticky surface with high surface energy, high activity and high effective area.

    The surface treatment methods commonly used are: degreasing treatment, mechanical processing and chemical processing, the specific process is as follows: mechanical polishing, sandblasting processing method is not conducive to the removal of surface organic or inorganic adhesive with less material, to provide the appropriate surface roughness, increase the effective bonding area, reduce the solid surface contact angle, improvement by infiltrating adhesive on the sticking surface, improve adhesion properties, usually, surface treatment of metal surface of the drum, the wire brush, grinding machine or oxide sandpaper brush surface loose, can also be processed by chemical treatment method.

    If the adhesive surface of the electric roller or fabric is rubber, it can be treated with a portable sand turbine or a steel wire brush. If the surface of the fabric is fabric, the hand - operated electric steel wire turbine should be used to blow the wool, and the surface after the wool is treated, and the surface dirt should be cleaned with the cleaning agent. After cleaning must have the necessary time to dry, or because of residual solvent on the adhesive surface and affect the adhesive strength, then brush in on the prepared surface, evenly coated with a layer of metal rapid primer, to prevent secondary pollution, prolong the storage period of metal processing has been good, but also conducive to the wet adhesive on the surface of the ground, to improve the strength and durability of the adhesive.

2, mixed glue: curing agent aluminum bottle with adhesive into the drum in fully mixing, according to actual needs, part of the adhesive and curing agent according to the weight ratio of 9:1 in other containers in mixed use, must use immediately preparation of glue, should be used in the application period.

3, coating, with short and hard brush in fully dry abrasion conveying belt on the surface of the metal lining plate and cylinder respectively along one direction evenly glue two glue, not too thick, dry film to every time after brushing, namely after solvent volatilization, to the back of the fingers and adhesion stick force again when the next brush glue, because the adherend surface easy to absorb air, in order to prevent the air parcel and glue bubbles or pores, glue should be moving in one direction. The coating speed can not be too fast to help the discharge of the air.

4, drying: the solvent adhesive has a drying process after the glue is coated. The main purpose of the drying is to make the solvent volatilized, the viscosity is increased, and the curing is promoted. Open time not too long nor too short, every time after the glue should be dry to sticky hands again when the next coating glue, hanging environment should be well ventilated, clean and clean; in order to save time for the glue to reach the final curing strength and improve the adhesive strength, every time after the glue application of iodine tungsten lamp or infrared lamp baking (baking temperature of 60~80 DEG C), accelerated solvent evaporation, not to brush again next time when the finger adhesive glue, flammable, baking lamp and glued the vertical distance from the surface shall not be less than 50cm, otherwise easy to cause the fire in the film, bonding environment temperature and humidity in the drying is necessary.

5, to second times after the glue: adhesive curing to adhesion fingers when the rubber plate is pasted on the driving roller conveyor on the metal surface, with a hand from the middle to the surrounding dense beat 2~3 times, exhausting the air between the two bonding surface, to a location, can not slip back and forth after bonding, appropriate pressure (hammer or rolling), to move out of the air, dense layer, adhesion after extrusion to tiny apron as well, said the lack of glue, if found cracks or lack of glue should be filled up.

6, curing: this process is the key process to obtain good bonding performance, only the complete curing, the strength will be the greatest. In order to obtain good strength, curing process under appropriate conditions, curing conditions including temperature, time, pressure, static at room temperature curing after 48 hours, you can clean up the site, the load operation, if the condition allows, extend the curing time will make a better bonding effect at low temperature, or humidity bonding in addition to the belt, baking, curing time must be extended to long enough.

7, sealing: in order to obtain the best bonding effect, the interface seam between the wear-resistant rubber liner is sealed with rubber repair agent.