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The Continuous Development Of The Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Whole core flame retardant conveyor belt due to suitable for the underground work is like mines produce enterprise, now, all its flame retardant, in order to very good explosion proof, the advantage of anti-static, continuously to research and development, the information that is heart plants conveyor belt fabric information constantly, new industrialization. 

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The strength of the flame retardant conveyor belt is dependent on the data of the whole core. At present domestic all the latitude and longitude of the core is the polyester/cotton yarn or cotton, nylon/cotton yarn and with large thickness, weight, low strength, and foreign general use of polyester fiber and aramid fiber as warp, weft for cotton, nylon and cotton yarn and core thin, light weight, high strength. Following the development trend of high performance, thin layer and light weight, the core of the whole band with strength of more than 3000N/mm should be given the preferential selection of the aramid, which can make the belt thin and lightweight. In order to make the conveyor belt stronger and improve the strength of the conveyor belt. Masking adhesive is an important factor affecting the life of the flame retardant conveyor belt of PVG. 

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At present domestic ordinary selects the chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to hide the top of the rubber material, and has abroad throughout the use of chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene sulfide and thermoplastic elastomer and so on the new rubber material, especially the use of thermoplastic elastomer as cover rubber extruder dynamic vulcanization molding is chosen to stick to rubber technology, complete the PVG flame-retardant fabric core conveyor belt produced in succession, and substantial progress to produce power, and can save energy, reuse, so it is in the future development trend. 

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