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The Characteristics Of High Temperature Burning Conveyor Belt
- Dec 11, 2017 -

The characteristics of high temperature burning conveyor belt:

High temperature burning conveyor belts are composed of multilayer heat-resistant rubber canvas, heat-resistant covering adhesive and burning cover adhesive. Near the work face, the top layer is covered with a layer of heat-resistant fabric. We can choose different canvas and T/C refractory canvas with different degree of heat resistance and different burn resistant covering glue according to the user requirements and environmental conditions. The cover layer adhesive has a unique formula, and the surface forms an adiabatic carbonization layer when transporting high temperature materials. The excellent adhesive formula ensures that there is high adhesion between the layers under high temperature condition, so that the disadvantages such as blister of glue layer are avoided, and the service life is long. High temperature burning conveyor belt is suitable for transporting high temperature materials up to 250 - 700 centigrade and hot burning in bad environment.  

According to the material temperature and the high temperature burning hot state of the conveyor belt is divided into type two types, of which type high temperature burning conveyor for conveying a temperature of 250 C and 400 C of the material, the high temperature burning type conveyor for conveying a temperature of 400 DEG C, the moment to the temperature of 700 DEG C material.  

Scope of application:

High temperature burning conveyor belt is widely used in metallurgy, foundry, cement, chemical industry, power generation and other industries, mainly used for sintering, cement clinker, coke, castings, slag and other high-temperature material delivery.