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TC75 Sidewall Conveyor Belts Export To India
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Sidewall Conveyor Belts

Specifications : EP 800- 4 layers and Running and working Temperature is 50 C.  

Cleat height 180mm, Sidewall height 200mm;

sidewall cleat belts.jpgCorrugated 

THe base belt have transverse rigid layer: Cross rigid (special reinforced layers in the core) . 

The Sidewall Conveyor Belts also have following type for select, 

Cleat Type: T, TC, TS, TCS, C
TS and TCS cleats are normally used for abrasion condition. 
T and TS cleats are normally used up to 40°
TC and TCS cleats are normally used from 40°to 90°

What we offer: 

1. Conveyor Belts 

1)Textile Conveyor Belt12)Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
2)Chevron Conveyor Belt13)FDA Grade White Conveyor Belt
3)Rough Top Conveyor Belt14)Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
4)Sidewall Conveyor Belt15)Filtration Belt
5)Pipe Conveyor Belt16)Solid Woven Conveyor Belt(PVC/PVG)
6)Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt17)Self-Cleaning Conveyor Belt
7)Rip Stop Conveyor Belt18)Magnetic Separator Belt
8)Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt19)Light Duty PVC/PE/PU Conveyor Belt
9)Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt20)SW&CFW Conveyor Belt
10)Oil and Fat Resistant Conveyor Belt21)Aramid Conveyor Belt
11)Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt  

2. Conveyor Components
(Screen Wire Mesh, Impact Bar, Conveyor Roll, Drum Pulley and so on)
3. Wear protection
(Rubber Sheet, Wear Rubber, Belt Scraper and so on)
4. Tools
(Belt Fastener, Splicer Machine, Sidewall& Cleats Welding Machine and so on)
5. Repair material
(Belt Hand Extruder Gun, glue and so on)
6. Permanent Magnet
(Suspended Magnetic Separator, Mobile Conveyor and so on)
7. Machinery for Heavy Duty
(Crusher, Vibrating Feeder&Screen, Sand Unit and so on)

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