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Shandong Qingdao Will Be Leveraging The SCO Summit
- May 21, 2018 -

"This is a promising land." 
Recently, the state media reporters from member states and observer states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization arrived in Shandong, examine social and economic development, Qilu experience the customs, the event is reported to be fully prepared. Seeing them, it is a beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural heritage of Shandong, but also has a high-spirited Manner, General business atmosphere of the Shandong. 

Opening win wind blowing from the sea. In recent years, the province actively docking international open big picture, into "all the way along the" construction, continue to promote cooperation with the SCO member countries, economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges steadily. The SCO summit in Qingdao will no doubt bring important opportunities for development, Shandong, thrusting deep into the province, "along the way" building, to further shape the new open economy advantage.

Shandong travel overseas to enhance brand awareness 
in recent years, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has developed into the world's most populous, most extensive area, the huge potential of integrated regional organization, rich tourism resources, multi-cultural blend. Shandong is one of China's most ancient silk industry developed regions, is one of the inaugural Silk Road to the sea, rich tourism resources in Shandong economic and trade cooperation with the SCO member states in the first fruitful industry. At present, Shandong has been with three travel agencies in the Russian market, the Indian market five travel agencies to reach overseas channels of cooperation. 

"Russia by inviting local traveling salesman, media and other tourism industry in our province to step on the line inspection product line, printed overseas promotional materials, tourism promotion will be held in the form of Shandong, to further enhance the overseas tourist market in Shandong tourism products, resources understand. "Director of provincial Tourism development Committee at the market Yan introduced to the military.