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Rubber Repair Adhesive For Conveyor Belt Scratch
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Conveyor belt repair generally refers to the rubber cover on the damage repair, to protect the bonding and repair sites no longer continue to suffer wear erosion, while providing some of the structural strength of the conveyor belt, restored in the repair of complex stress intensity, effective response during operation.

The application of a conveyor belt repair is very extensive, in the local rubber conveyor belt piercing, defect, scratch, scratch, longitudinal long distance can be used to repair tear tape to rapid repair, but the repair time and cost are much lower than the heat curing repair, make the system rapid recovery operation, is the effective way to guarantee the delivery system stable and orderly.

Among the current mainstream patch strips, rubber Pro patch has become one of the most representative products with outstanding performance.

Rubber Pro repair strip completes the cold vulcanization bonding repair of conveyor belt, its bonding strength can reach the same level as thermal vulcanization, and the bonding efficiency is high. It can be repaired or repaired under suitable environment conditions, and the service life of repaired parts can be equal to that of belt.

The rubber Pro patch is attached to the damaged working face of the belt, and the good wear resistance can reach or even exceed the wear resistance of the belt surface adhesive. Repair glue environmental adaptability can also meet a variety of conveyor belt in the harsh working environment, including water, oil, acid and alkali, heat aging, and in these environments can maintain its good flexibility rubber long time performance does not change, ensure the use effect and service life.

In the repair back there is a layer of green semi conductive layer, semi conductive layer can have vulcanization reaction with rubber Pro cold curing adhesive T, cross-linking vulcanized blend, the formation of the bonding effect similar to heat curing, further improve the adhesive strength, completely eliminate the glue glue, repaired after.