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Newly Added Belt Joint Adhesive
- Feb 09, 2019 -

Belt Joint Kit Set with Jaws, Rope Clamps, Casting Box and High Tensile  

Steel Cord Elevator Belt 365mm wide x 45meter long with Anti tearing Fabric + 1 Set Belt Joint

Breaking Strength : 1400Kn

Thickness: 14mm

Construction 4+ 4

Bucket Spacing : 300mm

Bucket holes – 3 Nos of Dia 12( 100-Center-Center)

Temperature resistance: 130˚c Continuous and 150 ˚c Peak

Warp Cord : Dia 3.9 @ 7.04mm pitch

Weft Cord : Dia 1.3 @ 6.67mm pitch

Fabric Thickness ; 6.3mm(3.15mm/side)

Conveyor belt joint mucilage 

conveyor belt adhesive cement hot vulcanizing solution

Hot Vulcanizing Solution is specially used for conveyor belt splicing joint. It's widely used in national energy and power plant. Hot vulcanizing solution can enhance the bonding strength of the splicing joint observably.

rubber core

Hot vulcanization conveyor belt cover rubber joint adhesive

For hot vulcanization joints. 
Among them, the core glue is used in the middle cushion of the joint, which is the key to the carrying capacity of the conveyor belt, and has good adhesion strength, preventing the belt core from delamination in the process of use of the conveyor belt. 
The surface glue is used in the joint surface seaming position to increase the friction coefficient of the conveyor belt and realize the function of larger and larger speed transportation.

The conveyor belt core glue between the face glue and the belt core layer can increase the adhesive force of the two, and can absorb and disperse the impact force of the conveying material, and plays a buffering role. 
It is required that the compound has good adhesion, high elasticity and good technological properties.

belt joint

On-site operation of hot vulcanizing solution:

1.Strip the fabric belt as steps pattern,circuitous grinding the surface with angel grinder and tungsten carbid grinding disc.(Tungsten carbid grinding disc's advantage is: that will polish the surface uniform, not aging,and enhance bonding strength of conveyor belt hot vulcanizing joint.)

2.Apply the hot vulcanizing solution on the surface of grinded part, then apply uncured cover rubber and intermediate rubber.(Ensure hot vulcanizing solution is applied uniform.)

3.By high temperature & pressure from vulcanizing machine(It will take 40~45 mins to reach at the temperature of 145℃), uncured rubber will be melted into a whole one jointing.

4.Remove the vulcanizing press after the temperature cool down. Use the rubber knife to trim it .