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Mobile Belt Conveyor
- Dec 01, 2017 -

The main characteristics of the DY mobile belt conveyor with high precision, with hard surface gear, its high bearing capacity, (than the soft mask wheel is increased by 2-3 times); long life (up to 10 years); the structure of pool, small area (can be reduced by more than 50%); when the light weight, small size (can be reduced 50%); especially the vertical transmission structure is more suitable for the use of coal mine underground mine transport machinery. DY type mobile belt conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying and unloading equipment with high efficiency, practical and good mobility. It is mainly used for frequently changing locations of loading and unloading sites, such as ports, wharfs, stations, coal yards, warehouses, construction sites, sand and stone yards, farms, etc., which are used for short distance transportation, loading and unloading of bulk materials or single piece weight less than 100 kilograms. DY mobile belt conveyor can be divided into two categories: lifting type and non lifting type. The operation of conveyor belt is driven by electric roller, and the lifting and running of the whole machine are non motorized. DY type mobile belt conveyor is suitable for short haul transportation and loading and unloading of scattered materials or parts. The use of steel tube structure, light and beautiful, good maneuverability. The rotating device is an electric roller, and it is equipped with two kinds of walking wheels, which are inflated tires and steel wheels. The Cape is adjustable over 10 meters.