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How To Do The Installation Of The Conveyer Belt Well
- Mar 26, 2018 -

   As a professional manufacturer of conveyor belt, conveyor belt Monster belting both in the position in both technology and quality, by the praise of many, but there are many customers do not know how to correctly install the conveyor belt after the purchase, then let us personnel to tell you how to install the conveyor belt:

First, be ready to prepare before installation

1, check whether the frame is strong and the diagonal length of the frame must be equal.

2, check whether there is a foreign object on the roller and the wheel, and do the cleaning in time.

3, check the frame of each part of the fuselage or not, and check it when necessary.

4, dismantle the cleaner hopper, rubber side and so on, and check the complete condition of the hopper and the cleaner.

5, check whether the rotation of the roller is flexible, there is no damage.

6, check whether the tensioning device is flexible, and adjust the tightening device to the shortest.

Second,reinstall the conveyor belt

1, wear a flexible shaft on the iron core of the conveyor belt, and will take the coiling frame well. Before the upper frame, pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower cover glue.

2, if the conveyor belt is replaced, the new belt and the old belt can be connected together, and the unloading belt and the installation of the new conveyor belt are carried out simultaneously.

3, in the workplaces that are not suitable for loading, the conveyor belt can be guided away, and the conveyor belt at the folded part has enough large curvature radius to prevent damage to the conveyor belt.

4, after putting the new belt position on the conveyor, fix the ends of the adhesive tape with a clamp, then connect it to the rope around the rollers and the pulley, and balance the conveyor belt to the conveyer through the traction device. When pulling, it is necessary to prevent the extrusion between the conveyor belt and the frame.

5, for a horizontal conveyor, it can cut off the old conveyor and tilt conveyor at any point, so we need to select the cut-off point to avoid losing weight due to self weight.

6, the tensioning device is fixed to the starting point 100~150mm.

7, one end of the conveyor belt is fixed on the conveyor rack with a clamp, and the other end is tightened by the pulley, until the conveyor belt has no droop on the return roller.