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Durable Conveyor Belts And Metal Conveyor Belts
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Conveyor belt used in printing, mining, food, household  

We found that in the development of modern industries, the conveyor belt has been applied to a variety of fields, which covers: printing, mining, food, household appliances, ships, electronics, machinery, tobacco, electrical appliances, transportation, injection molding, telecommunications and other industries, fast and fast and effective.

And in large-scale projects, such as: mining, ship industry cruises, machinery manufacturing enterprises, conveyor belt is a necessary powerful tool.

So, in the application process of conveyor belt, which kind of more durable? Bo Proud conveyor belt, there are mainly the following three kinds:

1. Nylon conveyor belt:

Nylon conveyor belt with thin, impact-resistant, good groove, flexural flexibility and long service life characteristics, suitable for medium and long-distance transport, heavy load, high-speed conditions of conveying materials.

ep150 conveyor belt.png

2. Cotton canvas conveyor belt:

This conveyor belt is suitable for short distance, light quality, load medium conditions of conveying materials, tensile strength is relatively low, bearing a certain limit.


3.polyester conveyor belt: 

This kind of belt body modulus is high, uses the elongation to be small, the heat stability is good, the impact resistance, the strength is high, the flexural flexibility excellent service life is long, applies to the medium long distance, the higher discretion, the high speed condition transports the material.

ep150 conveyor belt.gif

Here our monster belting conveyor belt is believed that the conveyor belt is the key equipment of conveying system, its safe and stable operation directly affects the production operation. The running deviation of conveyer belt is the most common fault of belt conveyer, and its timely and accurate treatment is the guarantee of its safe and stable operation.

Recently there has been a conveyor belt Metal conveyor belt, our monster belting brought to introduce to you:

Metal conveyor belt

The metal conveyor belt is a conveyor belt that is used for conveying materials in the factory, but it is metal, so it has a great advantage over general transmission.

1, Corrosion Resistance:

First of all, the metal transmission with good corrosion resistance, such as in the transmission of some corrosive materials, it is possible to wear the transmission belt, will cut short transmission belt service life and a series of problems.

2, wear Resistance:

Metal conveyor Belt also has a good abrasion resistance, such as in the factory coal and other large-scale construction units, need to transport some of the more hard things, if you use some ordinary transport belt, it is likely to make transmission belt damage, then you can use metal transmission belt, after all, is metal, can resist abrasion, can be in the hard transmission of goods to contend, The availability of metal conveyor belts is still relatively strong.

3. Long service life

The use of metal conveyor belts can be used to a large extent for a long time, that is, its service life is relatively long.

Metal conveyor belt.png