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Only Innovation Can Keep Pace With The Development Of The Conveyor Belt
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Monster High temperature rubber belt is made of multiply layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton) or polyester canvas, covered with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber and adhered by high temperature vulcanization. Characteristics: using high quality ethylene rubber as coating layer, skeleton material using domestic special high-temperature resistant canvas, unique formula design, solve the problem of high degree of rubber saturation, poor adhesion, low adhesion between the core problem. It has the characteristics of light weight, long service life (about 2-4 times) and good heat resistance. Suitable for conveying 200 DEG C hot coke, cement, chemical industry, metallurgy, slag and hot casting etc.. Rubber conveyor belt industry low-end products overcapacity problem has been highlighted along with conveyor belts in China and constantly improve the production. As a mature product, we only have the research and development of new, in order to meet the market demand. The way is a new type of conveyor belt products to meet market demand for economic development.

Monster Seth flange rubber belt product with its special structure, superior performance, innovative technology, widely used in metallurgy, mine, electric power, chemical and other industries. As the conveyor belt manufacturer, Monster invested a lot of money, and on the development of new and innovative products. The conveyor belt have their own professional production equipment and strong technical advantages. The new baffle belt production and sales increased year by year, the quality has been more and more customer acceptance, by the unanimous praise at home and abroad.