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Development Of Roller Technology And Improve
- Dec 27, 2017 -

  At present, the groove in the existing technology of rollers, three roller in the same section, the defect is the conveyor belt conveyor belt running, easy deviation, on both sides of roller by inclined groove roller, generally angle less than 2 degrees, although played a certain role in preventing deviation, but is supporting and running resistance increases.

  Monster according to the shortcomings of the existing technology is improved, provides a conveyor trough type roller, roller and roller center on both sides of the tilt angle is increased, the tilt angle of the additional resistance is zero, greatly improves the performance of the conveyor belt to prevent deviation, and the damping effect is good, and the installation and disassembly convenient. In order to solve the technical problem, Monster adopts the following technical scheme of a conveyor roller with a groove, and is composed of three columns in series composed of each roller are provided with connecting device, and placed in the middle of the column, and the column on both sides of the inclined position, the shape of a V connection structure. The technical proposal is that the center roll column is provided with a central shaft, the central shaft is provided with a threaded hole; a connecting device between adjacent roller for hinge, hinge mechanism is composed of a connecting piece and a bolt, the connecting piece is provided with two through holes, the connecting piece through hole and screw open threaded holes are connected by bolts; about roller are arranged on both sides of one end of the U shaped hook, the U shaped hook is provided with a through hole, the U shaped hook through the fastener and the roller column connection.

  The beneficial effect of Monster is as bellow:

1. The trough type roller ensures the quality of transport goods, and the trough type roller has good damping effect, avoiding the damage of goods during transportation, and ensuring the quality of goods.

2. The V - shaped structure of the slot type supporting roller with long life groove roller can reduce the wear of the belt, the belt does not run off, and the service life of the belt can be extended.

3. The operation cost and low trough type roller of slot type roller can reduce the comprehensive cost of belt conveyor. It is convenient to install and disassemble and reduce the time of maintenance.