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CRIA Rubber Hose And Rubber Conveyor Belt Meeting
- Oct 26, 2017 -

From the CRIA branch was informed that the meeting hose belt showing five bright spots:

1.,In the face of severe situation, enterprises are more united.

The rubber hose and belt industry concentration is low, intensive scale production is not formed, and the overall product homogenization of serious excess capacity; the huge pressure of environmental protection, from environmental protection pressure hose belt on the one hand, there are also environmental costs of upstream industry pressure, and even part of the raw materials (especially rubber additives) off for the pressure. In the middle of rubber hose and belt industry in the whole industry chain, the upstream and downstream is squeezed, is the weakest link in the industrial chain, the most unfavorable position, not only the rising cost of raw materials is difficult to downstream transmission, and always suffer from coal, steel, cement, automobile etc. these major downstream industries forced the price requirements, and become the norm. In order to survive in the cracks of the rubber hose and belt enterprise more unity, meeting in the delivery of key enterprises with industry initiative to take the lead in stabilizing the market proposal, and reached consensus on the high quality products, reasonable pricing, do, maintain a fair competitive market order, it is in order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.


2.Forum content technology frontier

Safety, energy saving and environmental protection is an important category of green development, in this forum, vice president, Shanxi Energy Institute tutor Professor Meng Wenjun brought the "new long distance belt conveyor belt and the energy saving research and development" speech, delivering the latest international energy saving technology transfer belt conveyor and to everyone. The participants benefited a lot; Yangquan Oren belt company as a whole industry first assume the conveyor belt production process of VOCs standard management of technical transformation project of enterprise, it can provide the experience for the whole industry VOCs standards of governance, the negative pressure of PVC flame retardant conveyor belt production line of flue gas collection and direct combustion organized discharge technology not only in China, is the innovative practice, innovative technology and international industry. There are also some excellent technical experts from some famous enterprises at home and abroad, who delivered a sumptuous feast for the delegates.


3. Intelligent manufacturing benchmark

For the first time, this conference commended the advanced enterprises of Intelligent Manufacturing in rubber hose belt industry. In recent years, intelligent manufacturing rubber hose and belt industry has made considerable progress, the meeting commended three advanced intelligent manufacturing enterprises, they are the conveyor belt, rubber hose and V products of the leading enterprises and ten chief enterprises, believe in their leading role under the guidance of intelligent manufacturing hose belt industry will have a bright future.


4. Brand building bear fruit

In order to enhance the brand awareness of rubber hose belt enterprises and make the brand construction work rooted in the hearts of the people, the rubber hose and belt Branch continued to commend the rubber hose belt ten enterprises, the most growing enterprises and the excellent small and medium-sized enterprises this year. By these vectors, vigorously implement the brand strategy, and constantly improve the industry excellent enterprise brand value and influence, support enterprises to excavate the cultural connotation of the brand innovation, brand marketing mode, enhance the management ability and spread the brand, promote the brand internationalization level after operation improvement. Establish a brand evaluation mechanism, and jointly create a market environment conducive to brand competition of enterprises, establish a "made in China" high-quality image. Through unremitting efforts and joint efforts of enterprises, to create an internationally renowned brand of hose belt national brand.

5. Build upstream and downstream communication platform, jointly promote the development of hose belt industry

The conference brought together representatives of the main upstream and downstream enterprises of the rubber hose belt industry, through this information sharing platform, mutual understanding and mutual promotion, jointly promote the healthy and steady development of rubber hose belt industry. Participants visited the Limited by Share Ltd "sponsored by the China United Rubber Chinese International Rubber Technology Exhibition and Chinese International Rubber Products Exhibition" and other well-known enterprises, hose belt debut in the exhibition, the international exhibition of China rubber products is the world's first non tire rubber products as the theme of the exhibition, the exhibition set up a domestic and international trade exchange and product promotion platform for rubber products and downstream industries in the international and domestic rubber industry show the hose belt outstanding brand image and comprehensive strength, to visit the exhibition on behalf of the deep impression.