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Corrugated Conveyor Belt To Prevent Tearing
- Oct 26, 2017 -

In the use of the belt conveyor, the remedial measures are easy to tear in the position, as far as possible to exclude the ordinary canvas belt. At the same time in the guide trough to carry on the bulk material. 

Another alternative is to use specialized equipment to detect it. Using material piercing high temperature conveyor belt, by triggering the pressure sensor, to ensure that the conveyor rod or connecting rod to operate. After the starting switch, when the fracture or tension increases, the detection device and detection device outside the protective function of the projection device will determine the detection of conveyor belt wear degree. Although the installation of the inspection device can have a certain impact on the tear of the conveyor belt surface, but it can not completely eliminate the tearing problem of the conveyor belt, or to learn how to protect it in practical application.

The above is the belt conveyor belt to prevent tearing method, I hope you pay attention to protection in daily use, which can effectively improve its service life.