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Conveyor Parts Safety Operation Matters
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1, fixed belt conveyor accessories should be installed on a solid foundation, mobile belt conveyor Before the operation, the wheel should be symmetrical wedge tight. Multi-machine parallel operation, should be set aside more than 1m channel. There should be no obstruction of work in the surrounding conveyor.

2, before starting, should adjust the conveyor belt tightness, buckle should be firm, bearings, gears, chains and other transmission components should be good, roller and protective device should be complete, electrical protection 0 or grounding should be good, conveyor belt and drum width should be consistent.

3, start-up, should first no-load operation, to be normal operation, the square can be evenly loaded. Do not start after loading.

4, when feeding, should be aimed at the conveyor belt center and should reduce the height, reduce blanking on the conveyor belt, roller impact. Feed should be kept evenly.

5, the operation, should observe the mechanical operation at any time, when the transmission with slack or deviation phenomenon, should be shut down to adjust.

6, the operation, strictly prohibit any person from the conveyor belt under, or from above across. When the conveyor belt slips, it is forbidden to pull with the hand. Clean or overhaul operations are prohibited when running.