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Characteristics And Applicable Range Of Heat-resistant Burning Conveyor Belts
- Oct 29, 2017 -

Characteristics of high temperature burning conveyor belts:

High-temperature burning conveyor belt by multi-layer heat-resistant adhesive canvas, heat-resistant covering glue and fire-resistant cover adhesive composition. Near the top of the strong layer covered with a layer of heat-resistant fabric, we can according to user requirements and use of environmental conditions different selection of heat-resistant degree of/canvas, chemical fiber canvas, inorganic fiber and other canvas and the burning degree of different fire-resistant coating. The coating is unique in formula, and the surface forms an adiabatic carbonization layer when transporting high-temperature materials. Excellent adhesive formula, to ensure that under high temperature conditions, the cloth layer with high adhesion, to avoid the use of the process of foaming and other defects, good stability, long service life. High temperature burning conveyor belt is suitable for conveying up to 250℃-700℃ and hot burning high-temperature materials under harsh conditions.

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According to the high and low temperature of the material and hot state will be high-temperature burning conveyor belt into two types of Ⅰ type and Ⅱ type, the Ⅰ-type high-temperature burning conveyor belt is suitable for the conveying temperature of 250℃-400℃ materials, Ⅱ type high-temperature burning conveyor belt is suitable for conveying temperature of 400 ℃ above, instantaneous temperature of 700 ℃ material.

Scope of application:

High temperature burning conveyor belt is widely used in metallurgy, foundry, cement, chemical industry, power generation and other industries, mainly for sinter, cement clinker, coke, castings, slag and other high-temperature materials transportation.

Product structure: This product uses multi-layer cotton canvas as the skeleton, the surface covering the performance of a good rubber material, made by vulcanization. Conveyor Belt Series products have ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon (NN) conveyor belt (divided into NN-100 type, NN-150 type, NN-200 type, NN-250 type, NN-300 type, NN-350 type, NN-400 type), polyester (EP) belt (divided into EP-100 type, EP-150 type, EP-200 type, EP-250 type, EP-300 type, EP-350 type, EP-400 type, large inclination angle (corrugated edge) conveyor belt, skirt edge clapboard conveyor belt, annular conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt {Due to different transportation materials and different inclination of conveying angle, Requires the shape and height of the pattern is also different. Common pattern conveyor belt varieties such as: Herringbone pattern conveyor Belt (human character conveyor belt includes convex, the lower concave herringbone conveyor belt, the eight-zigzag pattern conveyor belt, the fish bone pattern conveyer belt, the U-shaped pattern conveyer belt, the cylindrical pattern conveyer belt, the hemp point pattern conveyer belt and so on, the grass pattern conveyer belt, or according to the user request design}, the water stop belt, PVC or PVG whole-core flame-retardant belt, and can provide a variety of special performance conveyor belts (general flame-retardant conveyor belts, heat-resistant conveyor belt, fire-resistant conveyor belt, high wear-resistant conveyor belt, acid conveyor belt, alkali conveyor belt, cold conveyor belt, oil-resistant conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt, high strength conveyor belt and food conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, Stainless steel conveyor belt, chain conveyor network belt, conveyor network belt. Grass Type conveyor Belt