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Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt For Coal Mining
- Aug 23, 2018 -

ISO340 Fire-resistance and ISO284 Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt For Coal Mining

Fire resistant conveyor belts are primarily needed for internal transportation within tunnels and mines .Durability In environments where coal dust, gas, fertilizer or other combustible materials are involved there are chances of fire hazards. 

It is essential that the conveyor belts being used cannot create static electricity that can ignite gases and dust in the atmosphere. A very important safety feature of Beltcon Fire resistant conveyor belts is that they are anti-static and conform to numerous safety classifications and international standards also possess self-extinguishing design and prevent fire from spreading over the entire belt .by using FR belt we can reduce the maintenance of conveyors, which are prone to be damaged by flame at the blast furnaces of iron works.

Solid woven PVG solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt 

Product features

  1. The belt with multi-plies solid woven structure carcass, after whole plastic fire-resistance plaster dipping, is manufactured though high temperature plastication (named PVC solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt) or after sticking the cover of the fire-resistance rubber/plastic, vulcanizing by flat bed press (named PVG solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt).

  2. The Physical properties and safety data of PVC and PVG solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belts all equally are up to MT147-1995 standard.

PVC, PVG conveyor belt.jpg

Solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt Types and specifications

1. According to the longitudinal tensile strength at break whole solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt. The product's types are divided into: 680S, 800S, 1000S, 1250S, 1400S etc., different strength grades. 

2. According to the whole width of the solid woven fire-resistance conveyor belt. The product's specifications are divided into 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm etc., different width grades.

3. According to the strength grade, the product's thickness are divided into:


Thickness >=

8.00 mm8.50 mm9.00 mm10.10 mm10.50 mm

4. The belt's length can be consulted by both the supplier and demander.


Technical data

1. Physical properties

propertiestensile strength at break (N/mm)
elongation at break (%)
tearing force
gradelongitudinaltransverselongitudinaltransverse(N) >=

2. Other physical properties

1) Both top and bottom cover thickness >= 0.8mm
2) The adhesion strength between PVG and carcass >= 3.15N/mm
3) PVG cover abrasion loss <= 0.7cm3/1.61Km.

3. Safety data

1) Belt's surface resistance <= 3 x 108 omega
2) Drum friction properties: the drum surface temperature  <= 325°C and requirement no flame or burning without flame.
3) Ethanol burner flame property: the average burning time with rubber <= 3s without rubber <= 5s
4) Lane propane burner flame property: No burning section remaining length >= 250mm.