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Which industries can be applied to the PU conveyor belt
- Jan 31, 2018 -

    White PU material is food grade conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt, green material processing and white material are different, the surface is soft, with hardness is relatively large, can be made into anti oil resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt white polyurethane (PU) not only has the general characteristics of the conveyor belt has high tensile strength and flexibility good, light, thin, toughness, and oil resistant, non-toxic, easy to clean. This type of conveyor belt is fully in line with the American FDA/udsa food hygiene standard, wear-resistant, anti physical aging, is a durable delivery product.

    Suitable for conveying and packaging machinery and fresh flour food delivery, flour food oven, conveying flour food processing equipment, chocolate food conveying, biscuits and food delivery, Pu food conveyor belt conveyor belt, White PU, has good anti stickiness of the conveying belt and items quickly and effectively separated, leaving no trace, especially suitable for the conveying of dough and bread.

    PU conveyor belt has oil resistance, wear resistance, especially suitable for puffed food delivery, fried food and black PU PU conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt, green Pu has good performance, anti oil, anti chemical oil cut resistant, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, soft toughness, can be used in mineral oil the use of hydrocarbons, products, mainly in the production and processing of steel, aluminum, steel machinery, wood plate Pu conveyor belt, steel plate conveyor, conveyor.