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Which industries are applied of the industrial belt
- Jan 24, 2018 -

    The industrial belt is used for transporting materials in industry. According to its nature, the belt conveyed material is also called the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt.

    The material of industrial belt mainly includes PU conveyor belt, PVC industrial belt, PE conveyor belt, silica gel conveyor belt and so on.

The material characteristics of PVC light conveyer belt:

    The material of PVC light conveyor belt is polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinylchloride, PVC), which is made up of polyester fiber and PVC glue. The working temperature of the normal temperature type is -10~80 C, and the cold resistant type is above -40 C. Its surface can be processed to increase the friction and provide the ability to climb the slope. The general thickness is 0.8-6mm.

    It is mainly used in food, tobacco, logistics, packaging and other industries. It is suitable for coal mine transportation, and can also be used in material transportation in metallurgical and chemical industry.

The material characteristics of PU light conveyer belt:

     The PU light conveyer belt uses a specially treated high strength synthetic polyurethane fabric as the bearing skeleton, and the coating is made of polyurethane (PU) resin. Not only has the common conveyor belt of high tensile strength, flexibility, and oil resistant, non-toxic, easy to clean. This type of conveyor belt is fully in line with the American FDA health standards, wear-resistant, anti physical aging, is a durable delivery product.

     Industry is mainly used in the food industry or transport of bulk food department, canned, packaged food, biscuits, candy, fruit and vegetable processing, poultry and meat processing etc..

The material features of PE light conveyor belt.

     PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene, PE light belt has high tensile strength, good flexibility, light, oil resistant, non-toxic and easy cleaning features. The PE conveyor belt is in line with the FDA food hygiene standard in the US. The conveyor belt has good wear resistance and physical aging resistance, and it is a durable conveyor belt product.

     It is widely used in food and soft processing, tobacco, electronics, textile, printing and dyeing, machinery manufacturing, printing and packaging, paper processing, ceramics, marble, wood processing, automobile shell molding, cable traction, aluminum profile processing and other fields.

Material characteristics of silica gel light conveyer belt

    The silica gel light conveyor belt is mainly formed by the whole silica gel or coated on the surface of the rubber belt. It has excellent electrical insulation, ozone resistance, weatherability, radiation resistance, acid, alkali, salt, alcohol, and plant oil.

    It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. It can be applied to high temperature transportation environment.