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What is the food delivery
- Jan 29, 2018 -

  The food grade conveyor belt can directly participate in the whole process of food processing in the food industry. It must not have any influence on the food during its transportation, including the change of food ingredients, the influence of odor and the pollution of harmful ingredients.

   The main material of the non-toxic food conveyor belt now is the PU type. Because PVC, polyethylene and other harmful components of the human body, it is now used in the food industry to basically use the PU type conveyor belt.

    According to the material point, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, ACETAL, thin PP PE, nylon, PA, according to the specific food have the corresponding special conveying belt, such as aquatic products requires the conveyor belt mesh can be water seepage, but also anti corrosion, easy to clean.

  Food conveyor belt must meet high tensile strength, good toughness and flexibility, lightweight characteristics, oil resistant, non-toxic and easy cleaning, the conveyor belt has good abrasion resistance and resistance to physical aging, is delivering a durable product with ideal food conveyor belt mainly is the delivery of some people's lives eat something, related to our health problems. The main material of the conveyer belt is recyclable, which is essentially different from the food conveyor belt. Not only can it be recycled, but it can be combined with nature after you have lost it and it won't take much time. He was called the "Health Ambassador" of the belt family.