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What are the reasons for the aging and rupture of the conveyer belt?
- Mar 12, 2018 -

 Sometimes, in order to prevent production line from failure, the enterprises sometimes purchase the conveyor belt and store it in advance to prevent it. However, the conveyor belt is not used for a long time, which will cause the rupture of the conveyor belt as follows:

1, the conveyer belt and the chemical reaction in the air, if an antioxidant has terminated active free radical function but also has the function of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, also can produce synergistic effect, this synergistic effect is called self synergistic effect, some long-term antioxidant, and has the characteristics of containing elements for two different functions group;

2, ozone and belt chemical reaction, ozone is one of the important factors that cause the rubber in the atmosphere aging, ozone is more active than oxygen, so it is especially for the conveying belt of the unsaturated rubber invasion was more serious than that of oxygen, ozone in the air is composed of oxygen absorption in the short wavelength ultraviolet sunlight after the decomposition of oxygen atoms to combine with oxygen molecules and with vertical air flow, ozone was brought to the surface of the earth, the ozone concentration from the upper to the ground gradually reduced.

    In addition, in the near UV on the premises, place of discharge and motor, especially the spark will produce ozone, different regions, different ozone concentrations in different seasons, the concentration of ozone is different, although the ozone concentration near the ground is very low, but the harm is caused by the rubber can not be ignored.

3. The appearance of ozonization and ozonation of unsaturated rubber is very easy, which is different from that of thermal oxygen aging.

   One is the surface layer of ozonation rubber only contact in ozone, the conveyor belt ozonation process is from the outside to the inside.

Second is the reaction of ozone with rubber to form a layer of silver white hard under the static conditions of this membrane can prevent ozone deep contact with rubber, but in dynamic strain conditions or in the static state when the rubber tensile elongation or tensile stress exceeds its critical elongation or the critical stress, the membrane can lead to cracking so, the ozone to contact the surface of rubber conveyor belt to new, ozonation and the crack growth, and crack due to the base of the stress concentration, so it is easier to deepen the crack and the formation of cracks, the crack belt in the direction perpendicular to the direction of stress, in general, only a small amount of crack under small strain clearly, the direction of the crack.

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