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Three aspects of protecting the cushioning roller
- Jan 03, 2018 -

    Monster has many years of experience in producing friction idlers, conical rollers, trough idlers and cushion rollers. How to protect the buffering rollers is rich in production and maintenance experience. What are the three aspects?

1.The protection of the buffer roller temperature: when the belt conveyor belt friction roller and its temperature exceeds the limit, the detection device is installed close to the drum a over temperature signal, the receiver receives the signal, the 3S delay, the executive part of the action, cut off the motor power supply, automatic conveyor stops, play a protective effect of temperature.

2. buffer roller conveyor speed: protection failure, such as motor burn, mechanical transmission part damage, belt or chain breaking, slipping belt, conveyor is installed in the SG accident on the motivation of sensor magnetic switch can not be closed or not at the normal speed close to the control system according to the inverse time characteristic after a certain delay after the speed protection circuit works, the implementation part of the action, cut off the motor power supply, in order to avoid the accident.

3. buffer roller bunker coal level protection: set the level of the two coal bunker in coal bunker as electrode, empty not coal, coal will be gradually increased, when the coal rose to high electrode, coal level protection, from the beginning of the first belt conveyor, the conveyor for coal pile tail followed by parking.

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