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Things that need to be paid attention to in the purchase of the conveyer belt
- Jan 22, 2018 -

When we purchase the conveyor belt, the type of conveyor belt type is divided into two kinds, the ordinary conveyor belt and the special conveyor belt these two kinds.

1. ordinary conveyor belt: this conveyor belt is used as a core with fiber fabric, with general rubber as cover material, smooth and smooth surface.

2. special belt: mainly steel cord core belt, high dip angle belt, resistant tropics, cold belt, refractory belt, wire mesh belt and steel belt.

How does the conveyor belt be selected correctly?

We need to pay more attention to the details of the type and material of the conveyor belt selection.

1. The large inclined belt conveyor belt requires much higher roller than the flat belt. If the same type belt is used, the drum type is larger than the flat belt.

2. The base belt of the baseband skirt belt conveyor is mainly supported by tension, but its lateral rigidity plays a great role in the use and effect in the process of use. If the rigidity of the conveyor belt is too small, the conveyor belt will be transversely deformed and cause the phenomenon of feeding. (such as the selection of CC-56 cotton canvas core conveyor belt, the tensile strength of 56N/mm, containing at least 6 layers of 6 layers, the core layer above the upper cover, lower cover rubber glue thickness =4.5mm thickness more than =1.5mm).

3. The storage and use method of the large inclined angle belt conveyer belt is the same as that of the ordinary conveyor belt and the heat resistant conveyor belt.

4.The large angle block conveyor belt should be covered with more than 70 degrees angle. The advantage of using the covering strip is to prevent damage to the baseband and increase the volume of material.