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The slippery factors of the conveyer belt
- Mar 01, 2018 -

  In fact, when the type of conveyor belt is selected, the conveyer belt with pattern can effectively prevent the material from skidding on the surface of the conveyor belt.

        Belt slippage is a very common problem, because the physical properties of the conveyor belt are different. There are many factors that cause it in peacetime. What causes the conveyor belt skidding? Our conveyor belt manufacturers to introduce.

        Let's talk about the knowledge of conveyor belt and friction. We know that when the conveyor belt is rolling normally, the speed of its belt is generally less than ninety-five percent of the speed of the idler. If the friction between the roller and the belt is not enough to maintain the balance, the conveyor belt will slip away from the roller, which is the so-called conveyor belt skidding.

        Some people want to ask how the friction between the roller and the conveyor is so small that it is not enough to support the force. There are many factors involved in it. As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that cause the friction between conveyor belts and supporting rollers. Many of these factors are mainly due to inadequate tension, some of which are insufficient load startup, and others are too small friction coefficient on the surface of rollers. For example, the often used rollers, waiting for a long time, the friction coefficient becomes larger, smooth, and is also an important performance of the conveyor belt skidding.

        If we discuss more carefully, let's first see why the tension between the conveyor belt and the supporting roller is not enough. For example, the tightness of the two is too small to form effective combination. When working, the conveyer belt is too heavy to carry, and the weight of the body is too heavy. If the length of the conveyer belt is long, it is one of the major reasons. The friction coefficient between the roller and the conveyor belt is not enough. There are other reasons. For example, the friction and wear on the roller surface is serious, so the conveyor belt is somewhat damp or oily. These materials are sticking to the surface of the belt.

There are two main reasons why we have summed up the above.

1, the conveyor belt itself reason, the conveyor belt used long time, stretching lead to the belt tension is not enough;

2, external cause

A, the roller's foreign body, which causes the friction to decrease.

B, roller wear, friction force decrease