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The inspection of the smoothness of the conical roller
- Dec 02, 2017 -

If a decibels of a conical roller surpasses the bottom line of 8 decibels, we think the bearing needs smooth. When we realize that the demand for this bearing is smooth, then knowing when to stop the injection will avoid overly smooth presentation. It can be completed in accordance with the following three steps:

1), when writing smooth oil time skating technician to use ultrasonic instrument to detect bearing. Gradually oil the decibels down to the root bottom line.

2) if there is no base line as a tutor, the amount of smooth oil should be stopped when the sound drops and rises. At this point, the technician should suspend the continuous use of smooth oil.

3), with conical roller, conflict roller manufacturer's guidance for the base accounting amount, and then write smooth oil, not too much. This process is very one-sided and has nothing to do with ultrasonic, and this process has never failed.

The two major problems about the protective skills of conical rollers are: 1. When oil is changed. 2. How much oil should be changed. If the oil exchange is too small, the bearings will be abandoned early; if the oil changes too much, the parallel rollers will be in trouble or damage the power coils and coils for a long time.