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The deviation and solution of the conveyor belt
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Belt deviation in fact there are many reasons, will also exhibit the phenomenon of deviation of different, generally installed at the customer is not good, will find reasons to reflect the first belt, but the belt is one of the factors, to analysis the belt deviation phenomenon and solutions:

First we try to understand the cause of belt deviation, mainly divided into three aspects:

1.  Transportation does not match the specifications and conveyor belt.

2. The transport material is not uniform.

3. The cylinder is not parallel before and after.

4. The joint problem of the conveyor belt.


To understand the reason deviation of conveyor belt, then we come together to find out the belt deviation in the end how should we do?

1, first check the size of the conveyor belt is the same as the specifications required by the conveyor we use. The specifications of the general conveyors have a clear statement in the instructions.

2, check the position of the material on the conveyor belt, and see if it is due to the uneven transport material. If the material is to the right, the belt runs to the left, and vice versa. The material should be in the middle of use as much as possible. In order to reduce or avoid such conveyor belts, it can increase the baffle plate and change the direction and position of the material.

3, check whether the cylinder is parallel before and after. The adjustment method of the head drum: if the conveyor belt deviation to the right side of the drum, the drum right side of the bearing should move forward or left bearing seat back; if the conveyor belt to the drum of the left deviation, is on the left side of the roller bearing seat should move forward or right bearing seat back. The adjustment method of the tail roller is just the opposite of the head roller.

4, the reason why the conveyor belt itself is not straight, the size of the two sides is not the same. It shows a bell mouth phenomenon, especially the width is non-standard size, the standard width is (100150200250300350. 29503000) mm, ten bits should be 5 or 0. To prevent the belt from running off, you can also add sticky positioning strips at the bottom of the conveyor belt.