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The daily maintenance of the conveyor belt is very important
- Jan 09, 2018 -

  Conveyor belt is an important part of conveying machinery and equipment. The normal operation of the conveyor belt is of great importance to the production of the enterprise. In daily production, we should not only pay attention to the correct use of the conveyor belt, but also we should maintain normal daily maintenance so that the conveyor belt can better serve our production. Below we summarize some maintenance of the conveyor belt in daily production.

1. adjust the equipment in time according to the running condition of the conveyor belt. Prevent the conveyor belt running off to make the belt edge wear and tear up and down cover, causing the wire rope to be exposed and shedding.

2. clean up the attachments on the surface of the transmission cylinder in time, prevent the belt from running off or cause the uneven bubbling of the joint due to the irregular shape of the roller surface, and the influence of the wire rope twitch and the extension of the vulcanizing joint on the strength of the joint appears.

3. vulcanized joint is a weak part of the strength of the conveyor belt. Joint slotting is characterized by glue cracking. Water and air are immersed in the wire rope through the gap of core glue, causing wire rope corrosion, broken wire and twitch. It is necessary to regularly check the change of joint elongation and abnormal surface changes, make preventive inspections, and repair the vulcanized joints with defects in time.

4. if the edge of belt, cover off, partially exposed wire rope defects, should be timely cold bonding or vulcanizing repair. According to the condition of the local defect of the conveyor belt, the different repair methods such as cold filling, hot vulcanization and filling wire rope are selected to keep the conveyor belt surface intact.

In the process of installing or repairing the conveyor belt, the total length of the conveyor belt must be controlled. In order to ensure the quality of the joint, the construction process of the conveyor belt must be strictly managed and the details of the construction should be carried out. In the process of installation or maintenance, it is necessary to strictly implement the construction technology, not to steal material, and not to shorten the time. The daily maintenance and management of the conveyor belt should be strengthened so as to ensure its use and prolong the service life.