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Optimal design of conveyer belt
- Jan 08, 2018 -

  The conveyor belt plays a vital role in our production activities. The conveyor belt is also constantly innovating with the change of industrial demand.

   According to different terrain, climate and other factors, the transformation of conveyor belt enterprises, we will widen the conveyor belt and increase the transport speed of belt conveyor to meet the purpose of improving transport efficiency. According to the specific terrain and the larger production space, it is possible to increase the production by the appropriate widening and transportation. If the terrain is not allowed, do not choose the conveyor belt widening, so that the corresponding investment will increase. If the terrain is not allowed to increase the belt speed, this will be more favorable. Because of the high speed, the density of the material will become smaller and the strength of the transport will be lower. We usually use a high speed transport scheme.

    It is also limited to improve the speed of the belt. It is necessary to ensure the high quality conveyer belt and transport machine, and another important condition is ventilation.