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The Daily maintenance and maintenance of the track of shot blasting machine
- Oct 29, 2017 -

As an important part of the shot blasting machine, the rubber track is very important for its daily maintenance and maintenance. In the use of shot blasting machine, operators must pay attention to their rubber track maintenance and maintenance. Rubber track in the rubber, the main protection of the track, so the quality of rubber to a certain extent, the use of the machine to determine the life of the crawler-shot.

Each time you use a shot blasting machine, should first check the cleaning room in the spare parts are abnormal, the internal components need lubrication and so on, the abnormal condition should be in time to stop processing; after use to clean up the shot blasting machine, not to make sundries or dust into the inside of the machine, so as to avoid causing machine equipment jam, affect the normal use of machinery and equipment; In the shot blasting machine operation, staff and operators can not trample the rubber track machine, the improper use of shot blasting machine track will cause its rupture, damage occurs.