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Technology and technology of conveyor belt joint
- Nov 20, 2017 -

All steel cord conveyor belts must be connected to ring type for practical use. Therefore, the belt joint is a very critical preparation link. The quality of the joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor belt can run smoothly and smoothly. The performance of steel cord conveyor belt is characterized by its high strength and small shrinkage, so it is often used in conveyors with long distance, large load and high speed carrying materials. It is a very important work that how to make the joint of the wire rope conveyor belt because of the high labor intensity, complex process technology, large joint size parameters and various joint structure. In this article, the specific content of the steel cord conveyor belt joint technology and process are described.


1.Treatment of the joint position of steel cord conveyor belt

The conveyor belt mesh lead all cut open, and remove the adhesive material, the surface of the ball, the steel wire rope core conveyor belt with steel wire root grinder into the slope, width of about 100mm, and then along the slope outward grinding 150mm, remove the original steel cord conveyor belt and surface roughening. Clean the steel wire and grinding surface with 120 gasoline.


2. Laying of steel cord conveyor belt and lapping of steel wire

First, lay a clean plastic film on the surface of the lower heating plate, and then lay a layer of adhesive material, so that the rubber material can be matched with the bevel of the two ends of the joint. Then, according to the requirements, lap the good steel wire, brushing the mortar, to ensure the uniform and uniform coating of the mortar. Put on rubber, also make inclined rubber and both ends of the joint, covered with a layer of plastic film, complete lap steel cord conveyor belt joint and the wire laying.


3. vulcanization operation

Once ready, after careful examination of each component, after confirmation of no problem, the vulcanizing machine can be sent electricity vulcanization.

The setting temperature of the heating power supply is 140~150 degrees. When the vulcanization starts, the water pressure is pressurized to 1Mpa.

When the vulcanization is heated to 100 degrees, continue to press to 1.4Mpa.

When the temperature rises to 140~145 degrees, begin to heat up for 20 minutes.

The end of vulcanization after holding time. When the equipment is cooled to 60 degrees, the equipment is dismantled to complete the vulcanization of the wire rope conveyor belt.