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Roller parts
- Dec 01, 2017 -

There are many reasons for the poor effect of the supporting parts in the use process. The most important factor should be the internal structure of the roller parts. The problems in the internal structure of the roller parts are manifested in the following aspects.

1. The poor coaxiality of the bearing seat:

The bearing seat used for the roller fittings is a stamping part. The bearing seat is not processed with the cylinder skin. The bearing seat is welded directly on the cylinder skin.

Two. The sealing effect is not good:

Its waterproofing effect is poor, and the production status of underground belt conveyor is dusty and water dedusting. So the seal used for roller parts must have better dustproof and waterproof effect. If the inflow of the roller fittings will corrode the bearing, the dust will damage the bearing, and the service life of the roller fittings will be affected.

Three. The axial coaxiality of the supporting roller parts:

The drawing axis production due to factors such as wear caused by the size precision positioner is not stable, often exceed the standard phenomenon, and caused by the bending easily in the process of transportation, the supporting roll shaft coaxial fittings, supporting shaft arranged on both ends of the bearing clearance and accessories can not be guaranteed, thereby supporting the rotation resistance and accessories increased. Effect of conveyor belt roller parts service life