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PVC conveyor belt slip analysis
- Mar 30, 2018 -

   Sometimes the PVC belt is easy to slip, what should we use what way to solve this problem slipping. However, first of all, we have to analyze why the PVC belt will slip, and then the corresponding problem in an antidote against the disease, which can efficiently solve our problems.

1, the tension and the driving drum slot, and the conveying belt good fit between the guide bar, used to prevent the belt deviation.

2, in order to solve the problem with the delivery slip, when the conveyor belt conveyor belt in working state, to a certain tension force, the spiral tension adjustable tensioning mechanism, its high reliability.

3, if the conveying distance, load, in the coal mine belt conveyor installation gravity tensioning mechanism and side shield rollers to solve the conveying belt and the deviation of the.

4, coating to the conveyor drive roller surface layer, with the help of Archimedes spiral principle, forming a spiral rubber roller, and on the same axis formed around the thread, the inward centripetal force generated by the rotating drum, prevent belt deviation.