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Proven conveyor performance
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The drive section is one of the most important terminal components in a conveyor system. It should be carefully selected to ensure that the arrangement is suited to the application. There are three basic types: single pulley, adjustable boom and remote drive. The single pulley type drive is available for low horsepower conveyors. 

The adjustable boom type drive is highly portable and can be furnished as a head drive or a tandem pulley skid configuration. The remote drive is most frequently used on permanent installations. It is available with single, dual, triple, or quadruple drive trains. It is also available with tandem drive pulleys or with our four pulley arrangement. 

Each specification is designed and furnished to your requirements utilizing the most modern and up-to-date methods available. We have been the leader in high tension conveyor terminals for many years and have designed conveyors with up to 10,000 connected horsepower.

Meeting the fire resistance and antistatic requirements of all current safety standards Monster BeltSolidwoven PVC belting manufactured at our Revesby plant offers exceptional conveying performance at a highly economical rate.

Designed primarily for underground coal mining applications Monster BeltSolidwoven PVC belting is ideally suited for longwall and more traditional mine environments.The PVC cover and carcass formulations combined with Fenner's unique fabric designs produces belting which is not only fire safe, but tough enough to handle the difficult conditions encountered in underground mines.

Smooth, long wearing and easy cleaning covers make maintenance and belt cleaning a straightforward and manageable process.

High plasticizer loadings ensure premature hardening and cracking of the Conveyor Belt covers will not occur and so a long trouble free performance life can be assured with no increase in conveyor maintenance or Conveyor Belt cleaning needs for the Conveyor Belts operating life.

The Monster BeltRange is comprehensive and, when combined with the Apex neoprene ply belt and steel cord Range, ensures the full spectrum of miners' needs both now and into the future are covered by the belt belting products available all manufactured by Monster BeltDunlop Conveyor Belting Australia here in Australia.