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Protection proposal for tearing of rubber belt
- Mar 28, 2018 -

    Do you have any attention and protection for some small details of the conveyor belt? These details are worth us to pay attention to and to maintain, so that not only can prevent tearing rubber conveyor belt, conveyor belt can make the life of Monster belting for these small details to give you an analysis and give our advice, make our customers more efficient use of the conveyor belt.

    In order to improve the tear of rubber conveyor belt, the key can be considered from the following aspects:

1, choose the right system of raw rubber, should choose a slightly higher molecular weight, better than non crystalline rubber, tear strength of crystalline crystalline rubber at room temperature under high rubber.

2, reasonable collocation of accelerator, curing system based on CV (common curing system and high sulfur low concentration) curing system is better, the tear strength of polysulfide bond is high, the amount of sulfur in 2-3, medium promoter activity, good flatness of CZ, DM, a sulfur.

3, the reinforcing filler not only should choose reasonable, and the dosage should be correct, carbon black should choose small particle size, low structure carbon black, add about 10 white carbon black better.

4, softener can not use too much, softener will generally reduce the tear strength, tear strength of paraffin oil on SBR vulcanizates is extremely unfavorable, if the choice of aromatic oil is good. naphthenic oil is better than paraffin oil, but not as good as aromatic oil.