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Precautions for use and preservation of conveyor belts
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Precautions for use and preservation of conveyor belts

With the popularization of conveyor belt in industrial production, multi-variety, high performance, lightweight, multi-function and long life are several aspects of the manufacturer's concern. In industrial production, it is particularly important to use the conveyor belt correctly. The following items should be paid attention to in the use of conveyor belt:


1. Avoid the roller being covered by the material, causing the rotation to be unreal, prevent the leakage from being stuck between the roller and the belt, and pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the conveyor belt, but not the oil belt;

2. Prevent load starting of conveyor belt;

3. If the conveyor belt is biased, take timely corrective action;

4. When it is found that the conveyor belt is partially damaged, it should be repaired in a timely manner so as not to expand;

5. Avoid the drag of the conveyor belt from the rack, strut or block material, and prevent the tear and tear.