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Precautions for the use of baffle conveyer belt
- Feb 12, 2018 -

  The industry of the baffle conveyor belt products can be applied, such as the logistics industry, the food industry, the food processing industry, the entertainment industry, the aquatic industry and so on. General plate conveyor belt material are PVC, PU, rubber, its working temperature is generally -20 degrees to +80 degrees (depending on the use of the material and the joint way), are generally international tooth shaped joint, if the need to use rubber vulcanization, the lateral stability of tooth joint well suitable under various complicated environments transmission. If the use of the baffle conveyor belt is not used properly, it will affect the performance of the conveyor, thereby affecting the service life of the conveyor and seriously affecting the production of the enterprise.

         The baffle conveyor belt should avoid contact with pollutants such as acid-base, oil and water and keep away from heat sources during the operation. Avoid long term direct sunlight and rain and snow leaching. Storage temperature should be maintained at - 10 0C - 40 0C, and relative humidity should be kept at 50%-80%. The process of transportation and storage must not be squeezed. In the use of the prevention of folding, hard material phase pressure. It should be reused, used and kept. Before starting use, it usually starts by air machine, so as to avoid motor overload and conveyor belt skidding. Before unloading, the material of the belt should be discharged.         The direction of transportation material and the speed of material falling are in line with the direction and speed of the belt. If there is slippage or pull in the transportation process, we should promptly remove the fault, adjust the tension system and keep the elastic device flexible.

Various conveyance forms of baffle conveyer belt

        The baffle conveyor belt conveyed the material through the chain plate fixed on the traction chain. Different types of chain plates can carry out various forms of transportation, such as flat form transportation, turning form transportation, falling transportation and lifting transportation. Single transfer baffle belt operations can achieve the cleaning, beverage, beverage labeling and other mechanical equipment demand, can also satisfy the supply of the material storage bottle, bottle cooler, sterilization machine a large number of requirements; chain conveyors can form a special delivery mechanism, such as the two conveyor head and tail overlap the chain, combined into a mixed form, can make the bottles of various beverages has been in a state of excessive dynamic, the advantage of this is that in order to make the bottles on the conveyor chain conveyor has been, will not cause retention, so that we can achieve the empty bottles and cans and bottles filled with the condition of pressure and no pressure.