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Installation principle of cushion roller
- Dec 28, 2017 -

In view of the installation principle of the buffer idler, we have consulted many data on this problem. We have our own unique view on the installation principle of the buffering roller based on our many years' experience in producing the friction supporting roller, the cone type supporting roller, the trough type idler and the buffering roller.

Parallel roller industry in recent years, with the steady growth of the national economy and the vigorous development of the conveyor belt, parallel roller production of nearly 8000 enterprises, there are too many to count small production plant, the total production has leapt to the forefront of the world, but China's parallel roller industry development extremely uneven, large production scale, high level the production plant at home but twenty or thirty, they occupy the high-end market, the vast majority of the production plant production level is not high, low technology content. Only the production of commonly used parallel roller, so commonly used parallel roller products is very competitive, the result of competition: price competition among the products, entered the era of a part of the strength of the production plant stand out the road of the brand, most of the strength of a production plant with grappling, parallel roller the market is not the quality of the products now decide the price, but the price of product quality, because the customer level and the different requirements of similar products formed a lot of price, at a certain price there are a lot of similar production plant in the competition, every manufacturer wants to get rid of a price war, but finally get rid of the price war. The same product has different production standards and prices to adapt to different customers. Only the production standards and price positioning are accurate, the production speed is fast, the quality of the products is stable, and the low cost of purchasing can survive and develop in the competition. The positioning product standard is not immutable and frozen for each production plant, according to the change of similar competitors and constantly adjust, changes in raw material prices and product profit rate adjustment also makes the sales price change, make each production cost accounting and sales price, it becomes very complicated. The need for multiple departments work together to complete the traditional manual calculation workload, slow, error prone, already can not adapt to the rapid changes in the market now.

The above is a point of view on the installation principle of the cushioning roller by monster. If there are different opinions, we welcome the discussion.

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