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How to select and buy the belt conveyor belt and the large angle conveyor
- Dec 07, 2017 -

Large dip angle conveyor is suitable for conveying easily scattered powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid material. Monster has the characteristics of wide application, large transport angle, small footprint, large volume and high efficiency.

1, conveyor belt in the process of operation, the base belt mainly bear tension, which plays an important role in the effect of its use, if a small rigid, the conveyor belt transverse deformation, caused by the spread of such phenomena, in return and leaving the wear skirt boards, generally require at least 5-6 layer above the core layer.  

2, look at the partition and skirt, select the conveyor according to the transport quantity, determine the height of the skirt, the spacing of the partition board, the size of the effective bandwidth and so on.  

3. The large dip angle belt conveyor can work in the environment of 0 to 90 degrees. It can reduce the cost of engineering, shorten the distance of transportation, and save manpower and material resources.  

The overlying angle conveyor should cover the belt at more than 80 degrees. (using the advantage of the covering strip to prevent the leaking from damaging the base belt , and at the same time increase the volume of the material).  

4, the large angle conveyor requires a lot of roller than the flat belt. If it's in the same type belt, it will be larger than the flat belt.  

5, base band: the base belt of the wave belt conveyor belt mainly bears the tension, but in the process of use, the lateral rigidity plays a great role in the performance and effect. If the rigidity of the conveyor belt is too small, the conveyor belt will be transversely deformed and cause the phenomenon of feeding. Therefore, in the production of Monster  base belt , adding a horizontal rigid layer, increase the lateral stiffness of base band (such as the use of CC-56 cotton canvas core conveyor belt, the tensile strength of 56N/mm, containing at least 6 layers of 6 layers, the core layer above the upper cover, lower cover rubber glue thickness =4.5mm thickness more than =1.5mm).