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How to repair the rupture of sidewall cleats conveyor belt
- Aug 04, 2018 -

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1, cleaning: cleaning the reverse side of the belt cracking, with the front and back side and the front and back pressure side with the cleaning agent; 

2. Apply the adhesive on the reverse side of the belt cracking. It will cover the belt, use the mallet to break the belt, drive out the middle air, and make the belt adhesive thoroughly; 

3, in front and after. The cleaning surface of the belt is coated with adhesives respectively, and the front and rear edge bands are adhered to the front and back sides respectively, and the belt is smashed with a mallet, and the middle air is driven out to make it adhesive thoroughly; 

4. the 2-5 rows of big heads are smashed separately on the left and right sides of the stick, and the belt and the stick are firmly fixed together; 

5 Take a belt buckle on both sides of the belt.

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Due to the use of small restrictions on the environment, the large inclined conveyor belt can rotate between 0 and 90 degrees. It is widely used in production and life. When it is used, a small fault occurs sometimes. When the rubber is conveyed with a small breakage, it does not need to discarded the conveyor belt, and it can be used to repair it. There are two main ways to repair the conveyor belt.

1. Use rubber repair agent. Rubber repair agent is a kind of repair glue that can quickly repair the conveyor belt. When this method is used, the surface treatment of the conveyor belt is first to be carried out, and the repair parts and the surrounding 2 - 3cm are used to hair machine or wood setback, and the cleaning agent is used to clean the decontamination with the special cleaning agent of the conveyor belt, and then the glue is made at the repair place, and the drying is full. The maximum strength can be reached 48 hours after repair.

2. The pouring method is used to repair it. This method has good filling and pouring property. It has the characteristics of strong adhesion, high wear resistance, tearing resistance, flame retardant and so on. It can meet the fast repair and sealing of the conveyer belt at normal temperature. It has simple operation process, good fluidity, no solvent, no poison and tasteless, safe and convenient use, acid resistance, alkali, salt, water, oil and other chemical medium.

No matter what kind of repair method can make the conveyor belt use, but in the future use attention should be paid attention to protection, do not allow the conveyor belt to be injured casually.