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How to reduce wear and tear in rubber belt
- Mar 19, 2018 -

  The wear of rubber belt is a concern of some enterprises. The degree of wear directly affects the life of conveyor belt. The service life of rubber conveyor belt directly affects the cost of the purchase belt, so that it affects the profits of enterprises. So, how can we effectively prevent the wear of the conveyor belt?

        In the prior art, is generally in the rubber conveyor belt is arranged above the pressing wheel, is arranged for Tito roller supporting rubber belt conveyor and its parallel, only can hold the belt due to beat caused by the deviation of this case, once the Tito and the use of the cycle is too long, after cracking, Tito roller hemming will the formation of the edge, will wear the belt, causing the belt edge broken, then how to reduce the occurrence of this situation?

        Rubber conveyor belt can reduce the sintering material conveyor belt wear, using nylon wheel instead of Tito roller, which can adjust the conveyor belt deviation, can also reduce the amount of wear of conveyor belt edge to some extent, prolong the service life of rubber conveyor belt, and in order to solve the Tito long use period after cracking due to the rubber band edge rupture the problem can be used to replace the nylon roller roller to achieve the desired effect.

        In the use of traditional transport belt roller is easy to cause the frequent deviation, rubber conveyor belt drop tearing and other research phenomenon, seriously endanger the safe production of power plants and other industries, the roller product level structure, which is mainly through the bearing and the bracket, the side roller is arranged on the both sides of horizontal roll, we recommend on the surface is paved with a rubber layer, a side roller set conical structure, using the new structure of the antiskid roller can be resolved with conveyor, tearing, slime phenomenon fundamentally in the fall.