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How to distinguish and select high temperature resistant conveyor belts and burning conveyor belts
- Nov 28, 2017 -

How to distinguish between high temperature resistant conveyor belt and burning conveyor belt when transporting high temperature material? Monster will give you a brief introduction:

High temperature resistant conveyor belt is composed of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton or polyester canvas), upper and lower coated with high temperature or heat resistant rubber, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, the traditional high temperature resistant conveyor belt is suitable for conveying 175 DEG C hot coke, cement, slag and hot casting, its ability to withstand heat is subjected to cover 175 DEG *96h after aging has certain elasticity and strength, can meet further requirements for the use of. The conveyor belt is mainly used for metallurgy, construction and other industries, transporting high temperature materials such as coke and cement clinker. The material temperature is no more than 800 degrees, and the surface temperature is no more than 200 degrees.

And burning resistant conveyor belt followed by the high temperature burning layer, transition layer, the organic insulation layer, a strong heat-resistant layer and layer, but there is no corresponding national standards, but each production plant according to their own understanding to develop internal control standards, the experimental method is through experimental method in standard to evaluate the burning ball the tape is good or bad.

Resistant conveyor belt and burning resistant conveyor belt is the biggest difference: high temperature resistant conveyor belt inspection is the hot oxygen cover rubber aging, damage the cover is a kind of hot oxygen slow aging, the conveyor belt used in cement factory on this occasion most can manifest its advantages, no material well, temperatures between 200 to 300 DEG C, tape end because of cover rubber aging and damage, the general rubber will use EPDM heat oxygen aging resistance good rubber, by some to improve the service life.

Burning resistant conveyor belt is a destructive, because the conveyor belt is generally used steel sinter temperature especially high places, in many places even have fire, such conditions of any long-term use of general rubber will lose its elasticity, so the producers through adding some carbon agent in rubber and let the rubber in this temperature carbonization rapidly, one is to prevent further transfer heat to bring the body, another role is to resist material wear on the conveyor (high temperature wear resistance rubber will be much lower under high temperature), the conveyor belt rubber can be considered SBR and CR carbon good performance of rubber and by adding coking agent to achieve carbon with good performance, improve service life.

Grasp the conveyor belt during use to transport material and the conveyor belt surface temperature control, can effectively reduce the transmission with aging, improve its service life, hope Monster is helpful to the use of the two conveyor belt staff.