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How to choose the right roller?
- Mar 14, 2018 -

     We choose good conveyor belt, should also choose a more suitable roller conveyor belt, tell you, choose a suitable drum not only can make you more effective, improve the material production efficiency, but also save your cost, after all, only suitable for transportation equipment is the best. The conveyor belt manufacturer is customized according to the size and material needed by the customer, and the drum is also customized according to the size of the customer. As long as the right size is provided, the efficiency of such a production line is very good.

Assembly line roller

(1) the bending stress of the belt when the conveyor belt passes through the roller.

(2) the conveyor belt bending frequency, and the guide way around, number, distance and speed of the drum around;

(3) the maximum or average specific pressure between the conveyer belt and the roller surface;

(4) the allowable utilization ratio of the conveyer belt is the percentage of the ratio of the maximum tension of the conveyor belt to the allowable tension of the belt.

(5) the installation location and use conditions of the roller conveyor;

(6) the deformation of the drum and the adhesive.

      The principle of determining the diameter of the roller is that when the tensile stress of the conveyor belt is large, the additional bending stress should be smaller. On the contrary, when the tensile stress is small, allowing for a slightly larger bending stress, smaller diameter of the drum can be selected.

      The roller is also a very important part of the production line. Some special rollers need surface adhesive, that is the drum.

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