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How should the industrial belt be maintained
- Jan 23, 2018 -

    The use of industrial belt in different industry machinery, for the need of industrial belt of enterprises, the industrial belt of daily maintenance and storage of maintenance knowledge is very necessary to know the industrial belt maintenance well, how to storage, proper maintenance can prolong the service life of industrial belt.

    The correct methods for the storage and maintenance of the industrial belt are as follows:

1.The belt and the belt should be kept clean, and no oil or water should be contaminated.

2.When installing the belt, check whether the transmission system is vertical, whether the transmission shaft and the transmission wheel are vertical, whether the transmission shaft is parallel or not, whether the transmission wheel is on a plane, if not, it should be corrected.

3. Do not stick to grease or other chemicals on the belt.

4. When the industrial belt is installed, the tool or external force does not force directly on the belt.

5.The use temperature range of the belt is from -40 to 120 C.

6.During storage, the belt should be avoided to bear too much weight and deformation, to prevent mechanical damage, and not to be too curved and extruded.

7.During storage and transportation, we should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow leaching, keep clean, and prevent contact with substances such as acid base oil and organic solvents affecting rubber quality.

8. The storage temperature of the warehouse should be kept between -15~40 degrees centigrade, and the relative humidity should be kept between 50%~80%.