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function of the core adhesive for the heat resistant belt joint
- Sep 18, 2018 -

What is the function of the core adhesive for the heat transfer joint of the conveyor belt? 

The thermal vulcanization joint requires three materials, the vulcanized core, the vulcanized surface and the vulcanized glue. The vulcanized core adhesive is the most important one. It is the basis of the quality of the joint. The quality of the vulcanized core directly determines whether the vulcanized joint can be used. The vulcanized rubber and the hot vulcanized mortar are the means to enhance the core adhesive.

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The vulcanized core compound is a raw rubber material, 

which is filled in the core layer of the hot vulcanizing joint, and is bonded to the fabric layer or wire rope. After vulcanizing machine is heated and pressed for a certain time, it will be vulcanized into a mature rubber, and its tear resistance, grasping force and resilience will be greatly improved. 

With the continuous impact and vibration during operation, the strong adhesion force of core glue can avoid core layer degumming or wire rope core pulling.

The core glue is recommended to use RUBBER PRO non vulcanized core adhesive, 

which has high adhesive content, strong adhesion and good flexibility. It has a good effect on complex stress. The combination of rata rubber vulcanized core rubber with non vulcanized rubber and hot vulcanized rubber R can meet the requirements of the hot vulcanized joint of up to ST3500

 steel cord conveyor belt.