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Factors affecting the price of the conveyer belt
- Feb 07, 2018 -

   Conveyor belt is a very common tool in automation enterprises. It is very convenient in some circular transportation industries, on the one hand, it saves manpower costs, on the other hand, it accelerates the efficiency of product transportation. The conveyor belt is a kind of transportation tool can exist independently, can also be part of a large machine, using automatic conveying belt transport machine can be realized, then Monster belting and together we know under the influence of conveying belt price what factors.

1. Load-bearing capacity of conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is the same as other machines. The size of the conveyor belt is different from that of other machines. The weight of the conveyer belt can be weighed by different objects. For example, in the field of iron and steel industry, the conveyor belt needs to carry large weight, so the high load conveyor belt is needed. And the greater the weight of the conveyor belt, the cost is high in the production, then the price of the conveyor belt is relatively high.

2. The material of the conveyer belt

There are many materials for making the conveyor belt, such as rubber conveyor belt, polyester EP conveyor belt, acid and alkali conveyor belt, leather conveyor belt and so on. The conveyor belt with different materials is designed to facilitate transportation of different substances. The material of the conveyor belt will affect its price, but it depends on the cost of the material, not the effect of the material, and the high cost of the material.

3. The workmanship and performance of the conveyer belt

The conveyor belt of the same type, the same material, because of different manufacturers, the production process and performance will affect the quality of the belt itself, such as assembly, bracket, bearing, engine and so on, these parts in belt use will also affect the service life, better effect, better price performance more.