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Evaluation requirements for damage of conveyer belt
- Jan 11, 2018 -

During the conveying process, there will inevitably be some natural factors, which will cause the wear and tear of the conveyor belt. However, there are some human factors that we can guard against, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the conveyor belt and increase the life of the conveyor belt. Next, let's see what the damage assessment of the conveyor belt has and how to evaluate it.

When the conveyor belt is used as a conventional roadway, when the propane combustion test is carried out, the flame is flameless or flameless. After the combustion is stopped, each specimen should be retained for a full width and the intact length is no less than 250mm.

The requirements of the conveyor belt to evaluate the damage:

1, including any physical and naked eye damage, such as brittleness, bubbles and other original defects.

2. The surface of the dust or unshiny can not be seen as a damage.

3. Air bubbles or other damage not exceeding 5mm shall be treated as follows:

(1) less than 5 small defects, no damage assessment;

(2) the spacing of small defects is greater than 25mm, and the distance between small defects and other damage places is greater than 25mm, and it can not be evaluated for damage.

(3) any more small defects form a group of circles that exist on the surface of the conveyer belt to form a diameter 50mm of a circle, which can not be used as a damage assessment.